Friday, November 11, 2011

A holiday gift that keeps giving!

I've been seeing many posts and emails lately about ways to do holiday shopping that is less 'big box' and more personal and local. It's got me thinking about what we do for the holidays.  One of the things we like to do is grab an angel or two off the angel tree either at a local store, or one of the kids schools. A few charities ask for gifts for kids in need in the area and we like to be able to pick out a new outfit, some warm clothes and pajamas and a few toys for a child that may not receive much else. The kids are reminded of the importance of service and giving, and to be completely honest, I love shopping for stuff I think is cute but gets eyerolls from my kids!  (What's wrong with floral prints?!) Even though I will never meet those kids, it feels good knowing that this winter, they'll go to bed warm and wait for the school bus with a sweater on.

In the spirit of helping other this year, I'd like to ask that you all take a moment and think about registering as a bone marrow donor.  There are so many people that would like to go to bed not just warm but healthy this year.  Donating marrow is a little more involved than just donating blood, but still only takes a few hours out of your day.  It's a few hours that could save a life.  What a great gift that would be!

DKMS is a registration organization that will send you a free kit and allow you to register for FREE.   All you have to do is swab your cheek and return the sample in their envelope.  They send you back a card with a member ID and they'll contact you if you are a possible match.  There is no obligation to donate even if you do come up as a match.  Please use the widget below, it'll take you right to the website where you can sign up and ask for the free kit.

(disclaimer-I get nothing for this, no compensation, just a widget with a counter.  I am a registered donor with DKMS, but that's all!)